About Us


Abby Mosse is a recent fashion design graduate who launched Bouncy Frown Studios in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. She had always dreamed of starting her own brand, spending her childhood drawing fashion collections and pretending to operate a store she named "Bounce." Seeing the effects of this national pandemic on the already unsustainable fashion industry, she came to the realization that small businesses practicing slow fashion is the only sustainable way forward. She is driven to provide limited runs of quality handmade goods using low-waste practices and eco-friendly products wherever possible.
Based in the Greater Boston area, Abby has a passion for illustration, knitwear, accessory, and clothing design. She loves bright color, humor, bold graphics and takes much of her inspiration from cartoons and childhood nostalgia. She finds that fashion can sometimes take itself too seriously, and her goal for Bouncy Frown Studios is to emphasize how silly, funny, and joyful fashion is.